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Pest Control Products for Exterminators in Los Angeles CA


The problem with many termite treatments is that even after using spot treatments or fumigating the entire premises, many homes or businesses have to be treated again and again. Many of these treatments do indeed successfully kill off the termites, but they don’t stop them from coming back. The advantage of Bora-Care, however, is that it works differently from other pesticides and termiticides on the market; Bora-Care is applied to a structure rather than to the soil. It’s not repellent, but it’s not bait either. In fact, it’s actually a little bit of each.

Bora-Care is a patented combination of glycols with borate salt. Beetles and ants die when attempting to eat any Bora-Care treated wood and termites do not generally even try – when they do they meet the same fate and the colony abandons the wood. Borate salts take advantage of the unique biology of ants, beetles and termites – when they ingest borate salt their bodies become unable to extract nutrients from their food and eventually they starve to death.

The advantage of Bora-Care is that the cost of treatment is comparable to other treatment methods, yet also provides savings in the long run by providing residual protection.

Tim-bor Professional

Tim-bor Professional is a water soluble borate powder used for controlling carpenter ant, drywood termite, wood decay fungi, and wood boring beetle populations. It can be used in dust, spray, foam or mist form on wood and other cellulosic materials or even inside wall cracks and crevices. The product works by penetrating the materials and producing a protective envelope to serve as a preservative, insecticide, and fungicide. Tim-bor dust provides an additional layer of protection by killing carpenter ants, drywood alates, and adult wood boring beetles on contact.

At Tanler we use Tim-bor to defend against cockroaches, ants, termites and other unwelcome pests. Borates like Tim-Bor have been used for pest control for over 300 years and will continue to protect your home for years to come.


Termidor contains a revolutionary combination of chemicals that, in trials across the world, have been proven itself to be the most effective commercial termite solution ever, and has even shown to be effective in keeping termites from coming back.

Mother Earth ProCitra DL

MotherEarth ProCitra DL is botanical-based insecticide perfect for crack, crevice, and spot treatment in areas where food is handled. Mother Earth ProCitra DL can be used to control a wide variety of insect populations and is ideal for sensitive locations such as schools, food processing plants, nursing homes, hospitals, and government buildings.


  • Botanical Insecticide
  • Professional Use Label
  • Fast Acting
  • Citrus Odor

We believe ProCitra-DL to be the most effective Orange Oil product on the market because compared to other orange oil products, ProCitra-DL will continue to kill termites for weeks after. Termites will carry the active ingredient, d-limonene, and spread it others within their colonies.
Note the following test:

ProCitra-DL Efficacy Data

Purpose: To test the efficacy of Prescription Treatment® brand ProCitra-DL on dry wood termite nymphs.
Material: Prescription Treatment® brand ProCitra-DL (499-497).
Cooperator: R. H. Scheffrahn PhD., University of Florida, Ft. Lauderdale Research and Education Center, 3205 College Ave, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33314, Report Number: 802.
Insects: Southeastern Drywood termites (Incisitermes snyderi)
Procedure: The product was applied into one half of a wooden chamber. The termites where placed into the other half of the chamber. The amount of material applied was recorded. After a holding time of three days, the two parts of the chamber were connected. Four replications were used with 30 termites for each replication. Mortality was recorded over time, Table 1.


Discussion: This test gave a good indication of repellency of the product to the termites.
Conclusions: The Pro-Citra DL gave statically equivalent results for the control of dry wood termites at 49 days and did not appear to be repellent. The Pro-Citra DL gave fast knockdown.
Plus, Pro-Citra DL is labeled for use on insects that are far more resilient than termites. It can be used to control ants, spiders and roaches to name a few.


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