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Inspect Los Angeles Termites Before They Swarm

Termites can be found all throughout the world from the Northern forests of Canada to the African Sahara. While most people can instantly recognize ants and cockroaches, few of us can actually spot a termite on sight. Termites are not ants and in fact are only distantly related to ants – they are certainly not white worms or white ants either. However, like ants, termites live in colonies and are social insects that depend on other members of their colony for survival. Categorized under their own insect order (Isoptera), termites have several clear and obvious differences from ants. Upon close inspection, you can even identify between different types of termites.

Termites feed on cellulose – which is why they love to dine on the wood in our homes. Like ants, their colonies have a certain hierarchy and each colony will have different castes specializing in performing different functions. In the the most numerous caste, the termites are relatively undifferentiated and perform much of the work inside the colony. The members of the soldier caste have protruding head and jaw structures as well as other features more suitable for defence. Members of the reproductive caste have wings, rounded heads, beaded antennae and generally darker coloring. Nonetheless, termites are weak fliers and only fly when the air is still and humid, generally before rain.

Termite behavior also serves to differentiate them from ants – they live almost completely in the dark, the only exception being when they are flying or building. This explains why termites are generally only seen in the home when something is broken or open. Their droppings also can be used to identify them.

If you see any termites or suspicious activity, please contact us immediately.


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