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Drywood Termites



While it is uncommon to see most termites, you can often spot dark or reddish-brown winged reproductive caste termites around window sills in the late afternoon and early evening. They have four equal-sized wings than extend longer than their bodies by ⅛ to ¼ inch. The image to the right features the winged termites as well as various other castes of termites.

Biology and Habits

Drywood termites are not found as frequently as subterranean termites and their colonies generally number from a few dozen to 3,000. Drywood termites only infest dry wood and are usually found in attic wood framing. Winged reproductive drywood termites from an existing colony will fly, mate, and enter a new dry wood area through a hole in the wood. In the right conditions, they are even known to infest piles of undisturbed cardboard.